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I've forgotten how to blog..

I seriously don't really understand how to blog. Either I ramble on about the minutiae of my daily life, or I go seven months without posting at all.  What's wrong with me? Why can't I get it, when other people seem to get it? Siiigh.  Maybe I need some well-written advice? Any advice? I'm sure many people reading this are better at blogging than I am.

What do people want to read, anyway?
Anybody out there anymore? What do you even wanna see? Reminders about when I update? Personal stuff about my life? Sketches/brainstorming about art or comics? 

Life update.
Still living in South Korea. Yep. My last day of work is February 28th.. That means, as of right now, I have 30 more days of work.. and 7 weekends left in Korea. October to December.. that was a really rough time at work. Between Open House and a Christmas musical that we had to completely orchestrate, prepare, and work tons of unpaid overtime for... I really almost lost my mind for a while. I had some really low, low moments during those times.  Although I've found that I'm surprisingly good at working with children and teaching.. my current job is just not right for me. I'm pretty good at it, but it's really draining and tiring. Not exactly my calling in life, but it's good to be good at something!

It's pretty demoralizing. We're basically.. CONSTANTLY treated like less than human. Our needs (even on a basic physical level) aren't respected in the slightest. You can imagine how "unimportant" things like our personal life are.  I mean, my foot was crushed by a broken piece of sidewalk cement that fell off a speeding truck, and I STILL went to work the next day, despite being unable to walk or stand on that foot.  They tried to make me work when I was PROJECTIVE VOMITING. But the vomiting kinda prevented me from speaking English.

I've missed some extremely important events this year. My best friend's wedding, at which I was supposed to be the maid of honor, was one of the most painful for me.   (We don't get personal days, for any reason, ever, so of course I wasn't able to attend.) Being unable to be with my family after the sudden death of my uncle.. it's something that still hurts. 

Basically, I don't necessarily regret taking this job. I probably could have found a better job if I'd been more patient, but I could have gotten a much worse job with less luck.  This country hasn't been that great for me, but, I have had a lot of interesting experiences.. I guess you can't completely disregard that, even if a lot of the experiences aren't exactly positive.

I think this has been one of the least productive years for me. It's not surprising, considering the fact that I've been working my ass off at a job that completely drains me of my physical, emotional, and mental energy on a daily basis. I have been trying to do more sketching/doodling, but I don't have a scanner so those doodles are just gonna stay in my stinky boring sketchbook for some time. They're not that interesting, anyway.

It sucks that I haven't gotten any better at drawing.

Though, I have been doing comics for a magazine here in Korea (Work n' Play Magazine), so, that's a pretty sweet gig, I guess?

Man, IT'S STILL NOT OVER, JESUS CHRIST.  It's not that I don't enjoy drawing it, but I find myself wanting to rush to the finish line. I want to move on to other projects.. but, of course, I will be SURE to finish Heard before trying something else. I won't leave anybody hanging.  Besides, I hate leaving things unfinished.  Hence the reason I'm still at my SHITTY SHITTY JOB.

Back.. to Japan! (ohgodwhatamidoing) .. probably?
Soo.. in early March, maybe the 3rd or 4th,  or whenever the ticket is cheapest, to be honest, I'm leaving Korea.. and moving back to Japan. With nothing but a suitcase full of hopes and a soul full of hobo-ness.  I'm going to be slumming it at bargain hotels, friends's floors, tents, whatever.  I'll also be looking for a job, perhaps unsuccessfully, but..  I think I'm still gonna do it.

That being said, I might not have the time or stability of lifestyle to update for a while.. I guess we'll deal with that hurdle when we reach it, huh? Who knows what's gonna happen once I get there.. it's all up in the air!

I'm bored of this, bye!

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