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365 project ; life

 So I'm working on an update at the moment, but, I figured I should post a little bit here.

365 project

This is a website and group project dedicated to taking one picture every day.  Since I suck pretty bad at taking pictures about my current life, even when I live somewhere interesting (like, say, South Korea)--- I decided to sign up. You can see my 365 project page HERE. It's a pretty neat idea, so, lemme know if you decide to sign up. O:  And if you wanna follow me or whatever on that, it's fine. I just wanted to share. (The jellyfish are from my first day of the project.)

I've answered some interesting questions on my formspring lately, so you might want to check that out if you're actually interested in that kinda thing. Click HERE if you wanna read or ask me a question.  Remember, people, I'm not answering your perverted or creepy questions. Don't ask them again. I'm going to ignore them again.

It gets better project
I know a lot of young GLBT youth read my comic and may be reading this.  There's a project going on right now to encourage young lesbian/gay/bi/queer teens to stay hopeful and realize that life will get better after high school.  I thought that people might be interested to see stories of gays and lesbians who've endured harassment as teenagers but gone on to have great, happy lives.
IT GETS BETTER PROJECT!  Recommended for queer youth.  I might make a video too, but I'm camera shy, haha. :D 

If you're a young GLBT teen struggling with depression or hopelessness, please watch these videos and remember that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Random K-pop

"Hurricane Venus" by BOA

USTREAM o'clock
Alright, now that I'm done posting lots of random stuff, I'm gonna start drawing the page. I'm gonna be USTREAMing it. SO if you wanna watch that, keep an eye on my twitter for the link.  The link is here, but I'm gonna take a few minutes to get all set up. Also, if you read this entry like 5 hours from now, I'm not gonna be streaming anymore, probly!!

See yas.

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