Nena Di Martinez (nenadi) wrote,
Nena Di Martinez


HOORAY! My new laptop is here!  I had to pay a lot of money (over a hundred dollars..) in taxes to get it delivered, but, it was still worth it.  It's weird, I can scroll down a website and it doesn't take five minutes! *GASP!*

 The biggest change is that the operating system is Windows 7, and my previous was Windows XP.  So far, I don't hate it? There have been some predictable irritations-- like 'Argh, where did they move that function to?!" and stuff.  I'll give more details about my experience if problems arise.

Anyway, I've started to uninstall the bloatware (extra garbage programs) on this baby, and I'm going to start installing the stuff I actually need. 

What FREE antivirus program do you guys use? I used to use AVG but I can't seem to find a download link for a free (NON-trial) version anymore. Help?

I better start installing ComicWorks, photoshop, and my tablet.. it's gonna take a while.

Off I go!!
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