Nena Di Martinez (nenadi) wrote,
Nena Di Martinez

I'm not dead, I swear.

 Long time no see. I haven't updated this in forever.. I'm really sorry.  The truth is, my lifestyle here keeps me pretty busy. I've also never been good at keeping a journal. I just don't know what to write. So.. here's some doodles!

I don't have a scanner here, so, I just took pictures. Sorry it's so ghetto. :c

First off, a bunch of random doodles. I sometimes doodle while my students work on stuff individually, or just while i'm sitting around at home.


Character from a future story. Get used to her face.

Just some dude? Dunno.

A true story about how I had to go to some sucky lecture on a Saturday. I drew the whole time.

A self-portrait and beautiful cat that I drew at the boring lecture.

A beautiful dog I drew at the lecture.

Sailor fuckin' moon, dawg.  (Lately it's a habit for me to draw Sailor Moon and Luna screaming at eachother.)

A cranky thing.

Romy checking her teeth in the mirror. Nothing to see here.

The next images are from a beautiful comic I did during one of my classes. All of my students did comics but mine was the best, so, enjoy.


Okay, well, putting this together took me like two hours, thanks to my ULTRA SLOW COMPUTER. God.  I'll have to post the rest tomorrow.

In good news,  my new laptop should be arriving to my parents' house in a matter of hours!  After that, hopefully it'll only take them a day or two to mail it to me here..
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