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Nena Di Martinez

Life in Korea, so far.

 Well, yesterday I wrapped up my first week at work.  It started out really stressful.. but by the end of the week I was feeling a whole lot more confident about the whole situation.  There's a few problem students that I'm not sure how to handle yet, but, I guess I'll deal with it.

There's two problem students who are in the same class (a small class of 5) and they're such little shits.  They have a reputation in the school, everyone knows that they are just total shits who refuse to do any work or behave in class.  Soo, I have them both in the same class together.. I don't know why their parents keep paying for lessons, they haven't been making an effort to learn and it SHOWS.

I have a class of 11-13 year olds, and they.. could not be less interested, haha. They just stare at the clock and run out of the room as fast as possible when I say they can leave.  Whatever.

I also have the cutest little boy in one of my classes, comes dressed super nice with a little bow tie. Sits nicely the whole class, always raises his hand, hands me things nicely (with both hands) and says "thank you" when I give him things. Eee~~ <3<3 I love the cute ones. I have a little girl who's the same, she comes up and hugs me if she sees me in the hall.  I've never been the kind of person who is particularly "good with kids", but I guess that some part of that is just experience.

My coworkers.. well, I haven't barely gotten to know any of them yet. There's 12 or 13 other foreigners and tons of korean teachers.  I get along pretty well with some of the korean co-teachers and assistants, and I've just recently gotten to know 6 or so of the foreigners. They're pretty nice people.. unfortunately, 9 of them will be leaving at the end of February, replaced by new people.   

It was pretty lonely to be the only new person, everyone was too busy to go out of their way to talk to me, but I guess the situation changes after the school doors close on the weekend. Haha..

Well.. yep. It's been horribly cold since I got here, but it wasn't quite as cold today.  I was too tired and sleepy to go anywhere today, haha.  Nto to mention that I was able to successfully steal internet for the first time since I got here. WOOO! INTERNET!

Okay, uhm. :I I have nothing interesting to say right now. My brain is fried cause I went out drinking with some of the girls from school last night..  yeah.  We got the whole place dancing to the local band performing, haha.. it was good until some korean dude was all over me and didn't get the hint that I was not interested. Whatevs.

They played "Sweet Home Alabama" and I actually felt nostalgic for that stupid university town.. haha.  And I met a guy who went to Ole Miss and had a sister who taught at UA, so, that was really nice.

At first I thought, "Oh shit why did I come to this frozen wasteland" but now i'm kinda like.. Maybe I CAN live here, haha.
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