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Update; Departure set

I updated.

It was on time and everything, I just forgot to post yesterday to remind everyone.  Click the image to read, or CLICK HERE to read it on Smackjeeves.  This page was really fun to draw. I like drawing long hair-- which I rarely get to do with Heard.

It was mah birfday!
Last wednesday I turned 23. I'm so old!  I went out with my friends Alma, Amanda, and Holly to celebrate! We drank a lot and had a jolly time.

And then I got food poisoning!
I threw up all of the next day and felt nauseated for several days. I still feel a bit nauseated today.  I've never puked more times in my life, seriously.  It's kinda amazing how much puke can come out of one girl in one day.

Birthday, take 2.
Then some suckers came down to hang out for my birthday.  John, Raymond, my brother and sister went out with me a few days later to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately my stomach was still so sensitive that I couldn't drink at all, so I was the DD at my own party. Oh well! It was still a good time.

Korea: December 29
Also, my flight has been booked for Korea. There's no turning back, now! I'll be leaving early in the morning on December 29.   Also, some people seem to be confused about this-- I'm NOT going to Korea for a vacation. I am MOVING to Korea.  I will live and work there for a year or so-- after that, I'm not sure where I'll be going or what I'll be doing. I may move back to Japan, I may stay in Korea for more years.. I have no clue!

The end, for now!
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